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Richard Brodie wrote:

> On Thursday, October 9, 1997 8:46 PM, Nathaniel Hall
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> > Two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen make one molecule of
> water. Is
> > this an example of one of those patterns which don't exist?
> You are confused when you say "don't exist." Patterns are labels,
> distinction-memes, and they exist in minds. The substance that we
> approximate by calling it a water molecule certainly exists, but the map is
> not the territory.
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A good map will guide you over unfamiliar territory. One may only be a
symbolic representation of the other but if the territory did not have a
certain state or "pattern" no map would ever see you on your way. In philosophy
this is know as the problem of universals. If universals did not in fact exist
independent of anyone's thoughts , why then does a good map work as well as it
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