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Sat, 11 Oct 1997 07:37:25 -0400

Nathaniel Hall wrote:
> chardin wrote:
> The prophets also say that in the last days God will make Jerusalem a
> "burdensome stone for all nations". Picked up a newspaper lately?
> Berlin was a "burdensome nation for awhile" so was Moscow,Paris,Washington D.C., Peking , Johannesburg ,
> Tokyo , London , Prague ,Warsaw and so on and so on. In the year 1000 A.D. (The Dark Ages) widespread
> belief in the end of the world was the norm. I predict the year 3000 shall also have the same effect. (If
> I'm right do I get to be called a prophet and have my words clung too no matter how much they disagree
> with what one actually sees in the world or what is actually good and just?)
> The Nateman
You have a pretty puny idea of burdonsome. How bout Mexico city, or NY
City, or ANY major city. The murder rate there is no where near what it
is here or in other troubled spots in the world. With the exception of
the religious, and oil fans, the middle ease is a worthless chunk of
land. There are no other valuable resources, culture or technology. The
people kill each other becasuse they think their god told them too. If
you saw your first pond of water and had never seen an ocean, you would
be convinced that this was the ocean. I admire your attempts to see
something where you want to see something, but you must realize that
Isreal and the rest of the middle east is NOT a significant world
player. If it was gone tomorrow, very few people would care for long and
many would rejoice.

Here is a line that might help you:

"And when I squinted, the world seemed rose tinted and angels appeared
to descend. To my suprise, with half closed eyes, things looked even
better than when they were opened"

Depeche Mode