Re: virus: what is a valid philosophy?

Sodom (
Sat, 11 Oct 1997 08:08:17 -0400

Tadeusz Niwinski wrote:
> Sodom wrote:
> >Nathaniel Hall wrote:
> >> From what I've been told a level 3 mind is a fancy way of saying one has a
> >> good grasp of philosophy. Am I wrong? What is the standard definition" ?
> >> The Nateman
> >just to add, if it is not 100% true then it must be partially false
> >falls into the Aristotle trap of yes/no true/false. It could just be 90%
> >true and 10% incomplete.
> OK, here is Richard's most brilliant definition of Level-3 again:
> "Level 3 is characterized by the ability to flex your meme-space on the
> fly; to use multiple models depending upon your purpose and priorities.
> It's possible to gain an intellectual understanding of what this means
> from Level 2, but probably not possible to really feel the impact of the
> difference in life experience. The Level-3 mind has a great capacity to
> hold dissonant, contradictory beliefs. (Einstein was said to have this
> ability.)"
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I definately see the dilema here. let me make a brief description of my
inner workings.
I believe nothing in my natural state; Therefor I do not have dissonant
beliefs unless called upon to do so by an external factor, or for fun
and exploration. When I use the word belief, it is for lack of another
word that means something like "seems to me at this moment in time". In
terms I am familiar with, I call this self programming, the ability to
change your mindset to fit a particualr circumstance or goal. I think
this is close to what you mean by level 3.