virus: Obedience without thinking

Tadeusz Niwinski (
Sun, 12 Oct 1997 01:02:58 -0700

Cathy wrote:
>I recall a case of a man in Washingston State
>(I think) who was shot dead in front of his children by a U.S. Marshall
>he refused a court order to put his kids in schools. I guess they
>learned a lesson ok: if you don't do as you are told, your government
>will kill you. Government very often gets out of
>control and people react violently because they do not have the funds
>and resources to successfully launch a defense. Then again, a U.S.
>Marshall has to enforce a court order. Terrible tragedy.

Has to ?! Only if he believes in God who promotes obedience without
thinking. Terrible tragedy, indeed, to believe in higher powers which
supersede one own's thinking and responsibility for one's actions.
"Terrible tragedy" that he "had to" or the he didn't think for himself?

>> <BR>ideals man and was a great admirer of Jack London and his

>> Never read the fellow. Guess I never will now.The Nateman

>You've NEVER read "White Fang" or "The Call of the Wild" ? That is
>unAmerican! ---I'm being to wonder about you, Nateman,-

A U.S. Marshall may visit you one day, Nateman and he will have to enforce
the American Way...

Who is Jack London, btw? Any relation to Henryk Sienkiewicz?

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