Re: virus: My karma ran over your dogma.

Brett Lane Robertson (
Sun, 12 Oct 1997 23:30:22 -0500

I saw the point. I destroyed it by showing it was invalid. I've seen this and
other versions of the "technological trap" argument before. If you are
are you then "hooked" by your achievement and now a victim of your success?
If so
would one be better off as a failure? (Nate)


I think you are over-reacting to the "argument" , or I am under-reacting;
either way, we saw the example differently. I have no committment to"
become a success (paraphrased)", so I am not concerned with that specific
issue--though I'll answer to that point, too. Not having a committment, I
don't feel the need to protect myself from this "trap" or defend myself by
"destroy[ing]" it. I am implying that you are defensive because you are
committed and therefore you destroy; orr, that I am innocently being held
back by other's who trap me and I don't have the personal integrity to
destroy a valid example (and I'm being a little facitious here...I don't
think that defensiveness, nor destruction, nor "argument" are signs of

I also think the heroin example was extreme and an emotional trap to get you
to respond your response was warrented, in that respect.
Still, when one deliberately sees a valid point and overlooks it because one
feels trapped and feels the need to argue and destroy--can I trust the
validity of whatever points they choose to make?

I do not see technology as bad in any way. I see no more sense in
abandoning cars than I do in accepting heroin. So, I saw the post as a
comment on waiting until one is stranded before making a decision. Your
point that some things are beneficial and other things are not STILL doesn't
answer to the point that waiting until one is stranded is not the time to
make judgments about their benefit (although the example's "I think I will
give up heroin" vs. your "I think I will keep the auto" would answer to the
point in a way...saying that when the importance of something is obvious due
to it's conspicuous absence, that IS the time to realize it's benifits or
harmful effects on you--You didn't answer to this point either).

So, what point did you answer too? Sounds like you were saying cars are
good and heroin is bad. Point accepted (with the allowence that everything
has its place,and nothing is good in excess). As to your new point that
being hooked on success might suggest that it would be better to be a
failure: My opinion is...yes, it would be better to be a failure than to be
addicted to success (but one wouldn't want to be addicted to failing
either). Which makes MY point "Can a person make a valid judgement when
addicted?" I say no but they can recognize a valid judgment when they see it.


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