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Brett Lane Robertson wrote:

*my metaphysics divides all things into 4 groups at the 4 points of a  cross
(simplified)...matter (work) is at the opposite extreme of mind (school),
one distinction which I like to make is that matter is relative while mind
is hierarchical (the other two points, by the way, are body and spirit)
Sounds like a double dose of daulism! Mine is much simpler: Existance is identity. All things have a definate nature of some kind, it is our mind combined with our senses that discover what those different idenities are! (O.K. so I threw in some espistomology with my metaphyscis, so sue me!)

Ps.  For some, a hierarchy represents freedom and relativity represents
death...while to others (maybe?)  relativity is freedom--to me freedom to be
wrong, but anyway--and a hierarchy  is death

Do you mean hierarchy in the sense that everything has it's place? By relativity do you mean nothing has form? I think freedom means free of the control of others, what do you mean by "freedom"?
In fact, I might go on a tangent here:  Those soulless pagans who worship
chaos, those idolators who fancy money, sex and power...
A soul is your essense or your mind. To be truely souless you'd have to be dead. That is, non-existant.
THEY are the ones
who bring individuals down to their level, destroy their individuality and
what individuality stands for--
Money and sex. Why do so many condemn the very things that make our existance possible? Money represents the objects of production. It is merely a means for easily managed trade.  We all need certain things to live and if we have extras so much the better! As for sex we'd not be here if that didn't happen! It's the very source of life itself! If that destroys my Individuality then bring on the destroyers!As for power I split the concept up into two.The power of money and the power of force. Money is a trade. If the trade is fair it is trade of your mind, and it's works,  for that of the mind and works of someone else. A good deal for creatures that live by thinking such as we. The power I condemn along with you is the power of force. thinking ends where the point of the gun begins. Force is the true destroyer of individuality because an individual constists of a thinking being!
that is god-being--
If I was a "god being" what would I be? (Translation: Please define this term)
so that they  have the
"freedom" to be wrong...
The rational man desires to know reality as it is: he has no use for being wrong. Being correct is a very useful (and therefore good for the self) thing
to make up any "truth" they see fit and to use
violence to enforce their will on another...
Lies force the creator to live by a false reality. It is not to a persons rational self interest to fake reality . Natural law is self enforcing. Come up with a lie and see how long you can maintain it! As for truthOne does not "make up " truth. One discovers it. Violence:  A rational man uses reason to get what he wants.  Violence is the end of thought , and in the exception of self defense , self defeating.
to have the freedom to screw and
cheat everyone without individual accountability...
To cheat means to lie about the nature of your trade. A fair trader will make much more money because he will get repeat business. It is not to his self interest in the long run. Even if he could get away with it could he keep his self respect? Can a truely rational man treat others in a manner which would fill him with disgust if it was done to him and still keep his self respect?Without Individual accountability: Such a man is hurting himself in the long run. His enemies will have just reason for revenge.
to deny the truth (even
how long do you think you could continue to sell the idea 1+1=3?
, to compete (read "fight")
To compete is to bring out the best effort  of one on both sides. It makes us stronger. It makes us learn and strive continously for improvement. Is that a bad thing ? Do you think sports would be as popular as they are if it was not a contest of the very best striving to do even better?
, to form social groups for protection and
forgiveness (condoning each other and proctecting their own backsides)...
A man of integrity only surrenders to the truth. To live by anything less than the truth is unreasonable.
eventually, to split everything into "His" and "Hers" destroying each other
for ownership, supremecy, *wholeness*
I can value a person just as much as any object. More so because they also have value in and of themselves. In order to keep that value and treasure it, it is quite reasonable to trade lesser things of value in order to retain the greater prize. Does it make sense for a rational person to destroy that which he treasures most? Trade can be more than just money and it is.  On this list I trade my time, my humor , my sense of life in order to recieve it in equal doses from others. None of us get a dime from doing this and yet we can easily spend hours at a time here! We satisfy our "selfish" wishs every time we sit in front of that keyboard and type away! Is that an evil thing?
(their god-given birthright)...and
from the two producing a single child who might carry the ideal
forward....drop-out's, working-class, institutions.


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