Re: virus: The god being vs. the earthbound

Brett Lane Robertson (
Mon, 13 Oct 1997 14:24:14 -0500


Nates post raised the issues of "god-being", "soul", and capitalism. By
god-being, I mean the ability to find inherent worth in onself. By soul I
mean having a self which contains worth. Capitalism places value (not
worth) *between* two people (fairness). It places that value not in either
individual but in a work ethic (trade). The idea of "free trade" on a
spiritual level is like saying I will trade my sense of self for your sense
of self and then we can look outside of ourselves for a representation of
that value. In this way, it destroys the "worth" of the individual. (A
person's value is measured by supply and demand..."you don't work, you don't
eat". A persons worth is measured in external representation of
his "free trade"--his sell-outs and his compromises*).


"As for sex we'd not be here if that didn't happen! It's the very source of
life itself! If that destroys my Individuality then bring on the
destroyers!" (Nate)...BRETT: This is a very valuable statement as to your
individual worth.

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