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> Subject: virus: education and the state
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> <P>Who is going to make the laws in this new state of yours?&nbsp;
> You have <BR>done away with public education so I suppose you will
> have a small, <BR>educated elite running things--Joe Schmoe can't
> vote, he can't even <BR>read the ballot--public education was done
> away with under your "new <BR>world order." CHardin</BLOCKQUOTE> You
> will have millions of unleashed productive minds. Nature provides us
> with parents who will make the necessary trade-offs to educate thier
> childern. The natural bond of parents with thier children and the
> natural desire of parents to do the very best for thier young should
> not be underestimated. In fact it should be allowed to work to its
> utmost by getting the state out of the way! A historical note here:
> Before the state assumed the rule of teacher to us all , private
> folks were doing the job. <A
> HREF="
> incoln.htm">Abraham Lincoln</A>&nbsp; started out&nbsp; poor but
> nobody would ever have accused him of being uneducated. He did this
> without any public schools. It was the teachers not the parents who
> originally fought for public education and it is the teachers union
> today which has a death grip on it. The reason you may not have
> heard of this is because you were educated in a public school. Funny
> isn't it the things the public schools make it a point not to teach?
> It is a tribute to the power of thier indoctrination that you cannot
> even concieve of an existance without them.Want to know more? Check
> this out: <A
> HREF="">Educat
> ional Reform Homepage _</A></HTML>
If memory serves me correctly, the first public education in this
country was started by people who wanted their children to be able to
read the Bible--I believe it was termed "The Old Deceiver's Law"--I'm
going to have to check my sources--because it was to combat that old
deceiver--we know who that it don't WE, Nateman? But, of course, I
learned that in a Public Education Course at a local second-rate
college so it could be PROPAGANDA. Chardin