virus: education and the state

Nathaniel Hall (
Sun, 12 Oct 1997 20:25:08 -0600


chardin wrote:

Well, I really get fed up with big government, too.  I just don't see
the Republicans as saviors.

Nether do I. But I rather have a third class fireman then a first class arsonist. (My favorite party is libertarian )
 It seems like they are in big
businesses' pocket even more than Democrats.   At least the Democrats
seem to throw the working guy a crumb every now and then--the
Republican seems to resent that!
That's the key word here "seem". It's only after you lift the rock and expose what's underneath it to the light of day that you see the disgusting bugs squiriming below. As for republicans you should be all in favor of them: They are the party that wants to legislate "God's Will " after all.

So, you don't think we should do business with China?  I thought that
started with Mr. Nixon and carried on up through Mr. Bush.  Aren't
they all cozy with China?  Didn't Haley Barber take some money via
that way himself?  I'm not saying I know for sure but they are
allegations that could be looked into further.

Depends which China: Tawain yes. The People's Republic no. Mainland China is moving towards a market economy but with it's repressive government still in place. Such a combination is inherantly unstable because it gives people the means to protest without the voice to do so. It will either result in war with thier nieghbors (as happened with Japan during WWII) or revolution. It's the war part that scares me. I don't want to see them aquire any more means of mass destruction. A war with the one billion now productive Chinese will make the war with Japan will seem trivial.

Who is going to make the laws in this new state of yours?  You have
done away with public education so I suppose you will have a small,
educated elite running things--Joe Schmoe can't vote, he can't even
read the ballot--public education was done away with under your "new
world order." CHardin

You will have millions of unleashed productive minds. Nature provides us with parents who will make the necessary trade-offs to educate thier childern. The natural bond of parents with thier children and the natural desire of parents to do the very best for thier young should not be underestimated. In fact it should be allowed to work to its utmost by getting the state out of the way! A historical note here: Before the state assumed the rule of teacher to us all , private folks were doing the job. Abraham Lincoln  started out  poor but nobody would ever have accused him of being uneducated. He did this without any public schools. It was the teachers not the parents who originally fought for public education and it is the teachers union today which has a death grip on it. The reason you may not have heard of this is because you were educated in a public school. Funny isn't it the things the public schools make it a point not to teach? It is a tribute to the power of thier indoctrination that you cannot even concieve of an existance without them.Want to know more? Check this out: Educational Reform Homepage _