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Sodom wrote:
 Geez Nate, did you go to school with Rush Limbaugh? Perhaps hung out with Liddy?

Oh I'm  much, much , worse: Not only do I believe in freedom like those fellows but I'm a  non-believer also! I get to be hated by everybody!

c'mon. I know you hate the public schools, and that they had problems with the California school system is not in question. But could it be that you have lost your objectivity here? The statistics don't back you up at the elementary level. I like my public school system. I did well, received a scholarships to college, and generally kicked ass. No private school in Arizona sent as many kids to college as my public school did, and those that did send a lot of kids on had to religiously indoctrinate them.

#1: If a whole bunch more people actually go to school "x" than to school "y" is it any suprise that more come from "x" than from "y"?
#2: I went to the university of Arizona and while I don't have first hand knowledge of the high schools there I knew alot of local students who didn't have much nice to say about thier schools.
#3: When your just giving away the stuff at no extra cost is it any wonder that it's mostly the religious schools that are the only ones rich enough to compete?

Private schools are not so bad as you would like us to believe.

Did you mean to say public schools here ?

Did you check out the links at the bottom of the Educational Reform Page? Lets see here, I see: The Christian Coalition, Heritage Foundation, Family Research Council. For Satan, you sure have an affinity with the Christian community.

Bill Roh
SODOM spelled backwards is MODOS, so look out!

 Politics makes for strange bedfellows! Hell ,  you  know that that bunch would be on the public school side if thier brand of poison was being pushed! (I picked out that website after a 15 minute hunt through infoseek by the way)We happen to be on the same side but for different reasons.
The Nateman (or natas to some.)