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> David McFadzean wrote:
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> > At 02:11 PM 10/17/97 CST+6CDT, chardin wrote:
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> > >I'm sorry if I seemed short--I was. I had just been taken to
> > >the woodshed for my long quotes. I felt huffy and defensive. I
> > >was trying to make a joke--you know, Sagan's forever talking
> > >about billions and billions and billions of stars...I guess you
> > >had to be there.
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> > It is interesting from a memetic point of view that Sagan never
> > said "billions and billions". That was a Johnny Carson parody of
> > Sagan.
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> No, he definately did say it, a lot. Did you see the mini-series
> Cosmos about 15 years ago?
> Sodom
That is what I was thinking, but it isn't the sort of thing I could
swear to. Last knight I kept thinking about it and thought I could
see it in my mind's eye. I remember watching that series with him,
but it was in the late 70s when I saw it. I was taking an astronomy
course at the time and I remember that once in a while a white midget
scientist would give a part in the series--I don't remember his
name. There was a black guy in my class who was so funny. When the
atronomy professor asked us if we had seen it, that black guy said :
yeah, is that what you call a "white dwarf." It broke the class up. We were young--can we be
forgiven? chardin