Re: virus: Mind-Flipper in Action

Nathaniel Hall (
Tue, 14 Oct 1997 19:44:59 -0600


       Heroin helps the user deal with reality by changing their perception
of it, thereby changing their expectations, emotional state, etc. Placebo
effects and positive thinking work in the same way, just without a chemical
basis. This is a denial of some aspects of the user's environment, but this
does nothing to invalidate the assistance that it provides to the user in
dealing with reality overall.

If your kid was on heroin would you say "It helps him to deal with reality" or would you try to get him to stop. I'm beginning to wonder about you my friend!

        Cars help drivers (and passengers) deal with distance by allowing
them to ignore environmental aspects such as (most) weather conditions,
personal endurance and quickness, etc.

Don't forget it saves time in getting from A to B, and the transport of the goodies we use everyday.
Heroin helps the user deal with his
environment by changing what is perceived and how it is interpreted.
If heroin "helps" in dealing with reality then deal me out!
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(I notice you have mind flipper in action as the title. Is this really only an attempt to get promoted to level 3 by the appropriate gurus?)