Re: virus: Pascal's wager

Tim Rhodes (
Wed, 15 Oct 1997 10:35:49 -0700 (PDT)

On Tue, 14 Oct 1997, chardin wrote:

> > You might read on afterward as well. Where in the next sentence
> > Jesus tells Peter he is a "rock" for seeing him as he is, BUT not to
> > tell anyone else who he is! (Christians kinda dropped the ball on
> > that one, eh?)
> Drop the ball? I don't understand what you are saying. I remember
> he said "Thou art Peter and upon this Rock (i.e., the revelation that
> Jesus is Christ) I will built my church.

Didn't read the next two lines did you?

> Our we talking past each other?

Beginning to look that way.

> > While you're reading (funny that I've read more of your Bible for
> > this debate than you, the Believer, has isn't it? Huh?!?) you might
> > go on to Matthew 13:10-17 for Jesus' reasons why HE ALWAYS TAUGHT IN
> > PARABLES! Do you read parables literally? You shouldn't. They are
> > analogies, not to be taken word-for-word. That is how Jesus taught.
> > To bad it is not how his followers learn!!! ("Like seeds on rocky
> > ground")
> It is true that Jesus teaches in parables--which is again,
> fulfillment of prophecy--are you going to make me look up the quote?
> But everything is not always a parable--I beg to differ with your use
> of the word "always."

Yes, I am going to make you look it up. If you are going to rest your
eternal soul on the teachings of a book, you'd damn well better know that
book backward an forward. You don't.

Open it up again and read!!!

> > He also said, "The Lord is the lord of the living and not the dead."
> > Jesus didn't really give a hoot about an afterlife. His ministry
> > was always about life and *how to live it*, not about were you go
> > after you die. (The "I go to prepare a house for you"? Check it
> > out. It is a *PARABLE*!!! Even says so in the beginning!)
> Yes, he is the Lord of the living and not the dead. "Whosoever
> believeth in me shall never die."

No. The next line is, "Let the dead bury their own dead". READ!!!

> The rest of the scriptures just don't bear you out. Chardin

How would you know? Ever *read* them?

-Prof. Tim (quiz-team captain, `83)