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Wed, 15 Oct 1997 14:02:35 -0400

Tadeusz Niwinski wrote:

> Cathy wrote to Nateman:
> >Who is going to make the laws in this new state of yours? You have
> >done away with public education so
> That's a great question: How do you see an ideal society or country?
> I was
> raised in Poland and things like public education and medical care
> seemed to
> be an obvious advantege of socialism over the "rotten capitalism".
> Until I
> understood that it's not Santa who pays for it and I realized that in
> this
> "ideal system" I could be shot dead for my own money.
> >I suppose you will have a small, educated elite running things
> I hope you don't mean the small (half) educated elite from Seattle who
> run
> the Level-3 Shop.
> >--Joe Schmoe can't vote, he can't even
> >read the ballot--public education was done away with under
> >your "new world order."
> I thought his first name was not Joe, but I may be wrong.
> Can't he learn how to read on his own?
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Just a little note about public education, about 4 months ago, a
study was done on world education. In the study, the U.S. High schools
were ranked in the lower middle of the group of industrialized nations.
At the elementry level, our education was considered the best in the
world. Somewhere after elementry school, our children started falling
behind. The study suggested, but could not confirm, that this was due to
social pressures such as clothing, cars, drinking etc...
Just a note

Bill Roh