virus: politics again

Nathaniel Hall (
Fri, 10 Oct 1997 23:29:30 -0600

chardin wrote: So all of a sudden

> we are supposed to think those bad old democrats are immoral and the
> money the republicans get is pristine and pure --first amendment
> rights--freedom of speech---the more money you have the more freedom
> of speech you deserve! Now if they could just get their hands on the
> internet ....

The Sons of Bureaucrats did! And Bubba signed it no less! Remember the internet censorship bill?
Fortunately the Supreme Court actually ruled on this using original intent and got rid of it!

> I believe the American people will see it for what it
> is--politics as usual. How many millions are they going to waste on this one Nateman? I'm
> listening.....Cathy

It is politics as usual. I notice that the lawbreaker who got his money from communist China is
pushing for more laws! (What the heck, he'll just ignore them if he dosn't like them anyways)I
have a simple solution for campaign financing: Anybody can donate Anything to Anyone he wants
to, but they must post thier names and the amount given to whom on a web site.
The best solution however is this: severly restrict the governments powers. If it's not allow to
tinker then no one is going to pay it for the tinkering. In short : Follow the constitution as
it was actually written and meant to be understood! (Original Intent) . The commerce clause has
been stretched to the point that there is almost no limit on what the government can regulate
nowadays! ( The favor game ALWAYS plays into the hands of the big guy : the little guys only
chance is to get rid of the game)

The Nateman