Re: virus: politics again

Tadeusz Niwinski (
Sun, 12 Oct 1997 01:03:08 -0700

Cathy wrote to Nateman:
>Who is going to make the laws in this new state of yours? You have
>done away with public education so

That's a great question: How do you see an ideal society or country? I was
raised in Poland and things like public education and medical care seemed to
be an obvious advantege of socialism over the "rotten capitalism". Until I
understood that it's not Santa who pays for it and I realized that in this
"ideal system" I could be shot dead for my own money.

>I suppose you will have a small, educated elite running things

I hope you don't mean the small (half) educated elite from Seattle who run
the Level-3 Shop.

>--Joe Schmoe can't vote, he can't even
>read the ballot--public education was done away with under
>your "new world order."

I thought his first name was not Joe, but I may be wrong.
Can't he learn how to read on his own?

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