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> I do not mind anyone contributing. The bicameral mind theory
> postulates
> that the frequency and the acceptance of visions in the past may have
> had to do with shadows arising from the separation. Mostly now we
> consider people who hallucinate have a mental disorder as they tend to
> have other problems that make them less successful. However, some of
> our most respected ancestors had visions which did not affect their
> ability to function. I am aware of the chemistry of brain
> dysfunction.
> I must also say that while we know the chemistry of brain dysfunction
> we
> still do not know the reason why some people have this tendency. We
> seem to see a genetic component in that many conditions have a higher
> frequency of occurances in families, we also see some functional
> differences between the brains of normal and ill people. Still have a
> way to go with understanding the causes.
> Much to do. Much to know.
> Marie

Great response, Marie, you're cool. The only thing I see diferently
is this. Everyone hallucinates, and somewhat often. It is more a
question of severity and personality. I have personally hallucinated
many times, sometimes from hallucinogenic drugs, sometimes from
meditation, sometimes for reasons I cannot explain. I have seen "god"
convincingly enough that if I were a believer, I would have been on my
knees begging for mercy, as it was I spent the better part of 10 hours
battling the hallucination until it crumbled before me like so much
dust. I have left my body, and seen my still form lying below. The list
goes on, but I do not have any conflict between the hallucinations and
living my life, in fact, I believe they have made my life much richer
and added greatly to my empathic capabilities.
There are also a great deal of studies about how the mind creats
what it wants, or needs to see for the sole benefit of emotional
stability. In my opinion, this brings the probablilty of visions being
"divinely" inspired down to about zero, since they can be explained
simply by other means. I am NOT saying that visions can't be accurate,
or be a good predictor of the future as the mind does much we don't
understand, I just think people should give themselves credit for their
accurate visions.
Yes, I also agree that genetic makeup has a lot to do with mental
disorder or order. I am willing to guess that genes and environment each
contribute about 50% of the characteristics we see.