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Sodom (
Thu, 16 Oct 1997 10:47:25 -0400

Brett and Marie,

I simply do not have enough info about the bi-cameral brain to make
mush of an argumnet either way, but I will read some about it and get
some ideas I am sure. If I had to guess why the brain is built this way,
i would say it has more to do with symetry than adaptation. just a
About the internal - external: It seems to me that all animals with a
brain worth mention probably have an internal - external notion. I fail
to see how an entity could survive in a complex ecology without this
skill set. In our case, with communication being so important, being
able to conceptualize using the internal view of the external is our
strongest skill. I don't know if a human would have any higher brain
function without this skill (making an accurate internal pattern to
match an external pattern) Basically, i agree with you.