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Wade T.Smith wrote:

> >I really do not know why this idea would be placed in the category of
> >"hypothesis".
> Because it is. Jaynes contends that the _origin of consciousness_
> (hence
> the title, duh...) happened when the bicameral mind broke down- when
> the
> two ceased to be separate. This is certainly a hypothesis, by all and
> any
> definitions of the word, even yours....
> >(...and *all* of this bi-cameral stuff is not related to the book
> since I
> >haven't heard of the book
> You have now.
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Somehing interesting is: Women and Men use each half differently.
Language in women for instance is located in both halves. In men, on the
other hand, language is stored on one side only. This is why women are
more likely to recover language skills after a stroke. Also, noise and
language are stored in different parts of the mind, yet in different
cultures, the definition of noise changes. For westernized people,
regardless of race, birds, animal sounds, wind etc.. are all seen as
"noise" by the brain. In Eastern cultures however, birds, wind etc.. are
seen processed in the "language" area of the brain.