RE: The story-telling ape (was virus: Logic)

Brett Lane Robertson (
Thu, 16 Oct 1997 10:25:02 -0500

How could you fail to point out that any Meme that has a happy
life after death component must also have a strong anti-suicide
component in order to survive? (Nate)


I agree that the meme which maintains our desire to live--that uses "order"
on a personal level to encourage "specialization" (which seems to be the
basis of a "happy life after death component"; though "happy" and "after
death" seem to be an aside to the basic makeup of this meme...that is, this
would be the "life" meme and not the suicide virus or the emotion
virus*)...I agree that this meme has a balanced makeup of syntropy and
entropy. If entropy is a tendency to embrace one's own loss of energy, then
syntropy would be the "anti-suicide" component that Nate refers to above.

I'm not sure that it is my place to steer list members toward any one area
of discussion; but, I SURELY missed an opportunity this time to make a
distinction concerning the function of a meme...thanks for giving me a
second chance to make this point.


*and while I think that "meme" and a lack of healthy memes is sufficient
explanation for all evolutionary processes--without proposing an unhealthy
process that mimics the meme, which could be an anti-meme, or "virus"--I
think it may be proper to use an alternate term here to distinguish
destructive "viral" processes from the *function* of a meme (The function of
a meme is to place proven survival characteristics in a short-hand
notation--over-riding any need for conscious control of these processes).

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