Re: virus: Crave that speed!

Paul Prestopnik (
Fri, 17 Oct 1997 09:44:16 -0400

> Don't you think materialism can be an addiction, and a bad one? Can
> you name ten great artists or writers or inventors that don't do or
> didn't at some point abuse drugs? (alclhol is a drug by the way)

ok, I'll try this one. :)

1 Jim Morrison
2 Sam Kinison
3 Jerry Garcia
4 James Belushi
5 Syd Barrett
6 Kurt Cobain
sorry cant think of anymore of the top of my head, just a joke anyway.

p.s. I know I spelled some names wrong, sorry.
also, you could easily find examples of artists who were great when they
were on drugs, and then around the same time they stopped doing drugs,
there art (comedy, music, etc. ) seemed to go way downhill. I know this
does not imply causation, but at least some sort of relationship.
-paul prestopnik