Re: virus: Free thought and control

Wade T.Smith (
Fri, 17 Oct 97 15:59:02 -0400

>However, there are very few facts as to the changing of man from one
>species to another, i.e., a primate to human. Scientists produce
>such things as Lucy as proof. I'm just saying their proof ought to
>be more scientific--less tampered with. It is not a FACT that man
>came from apes. It is speculation

Look- this should probably go to alt.creation or something, but you are
so totally off-base with most of this that the button has been pushed.

Humans _are_ primates, for crissakes.

Evolution would never say, and no biologist has ever said, that man came
from apes.

Your knowledge of both science, scientists, evolution, and theories
involving all three is in error.

I have spent too much time with creationists and their hopeless twaddle
to sit down with you and show you where you have been misled, but you
have been. I am willing to think you can get back onto a real course.

Wade T. Smith