Re: virus: Free thought and control

Sodom (
Fri, 17 Oct 1997 16:39:16 -0400

> Marie Wrote,
> Only one little problem.... how do we explain all of the something
> that
> we see today.
> Sigh
> No
> Marie

Like you, i follow physics, but do struggle with all the math
involved. The best book I have read on the subject is "God and the New
Physics" by Ray Davies. It tries hard to explain as par back as is
possible under the current quantum mechanics model (a few nanoseconds
after the expansion started). I would like to know that answer myself;
However, I have a mental rule, no info = no opinion. Since everything we
have seen since that point follows what we think physics is, I simply
consider this point to be unknown and make no attributions towards
creation/non-creation (creation implying deliberate). After this point,
all the matter necessary is there, in fact, we are missing most of it
still. My favorite personal theory is that I MADE THE UNIVERSE, and then
deliberately forgot I did so I would be able to enjoy life in my new
limited framework.