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> >However, there are very few facts as to the changing of man from
> >one species to another, i.e., a primate to human. Scientists
> >produce such things as Lucy as proof. I'm just saying their proof
> >ought to be more scientific--less tampered with. It is not a FACT
> >that man came from apes. It is speculation
> Look- this should probably go to alt.creation or something, but you
> are so totally off-base with most of this that the button has been
> pushed.
> Humans _are_ primates, for crissakes.

For Christ's sake? -- Maybe you ought to call on someone who knows you!
Perhaps that is rude, but you sit there all day saying man is some
sort of creature that he now is not and tell me I talk hopeless
twaddle? Well, what is he? Are you still looking for the "missing
link" or am I just too old to remember that stuff and it doesn't fit
any more?. Does the "missing link" embarass you now--it ought to.
I took an anthropology course and listened to all that
crap-- you say one thing one day--Piltdown man indeed! What about
your Lucy--I didn't see you defending her? What the hell is she?
What ARE you and your ilk claiming for her? You are probably
right--this ought to go to alt.creation becuase YOU can't state your
own case and you get all upset if you get some questions -well, my God
I'm at HARVARD--intellecutally superior in every way--you know that place that USED TO BE A CHRISTIAN
SCHOOL before intellectutal infidels who are too smart for their own
good took over. You like preaching to the choir don't you?

Your right, it is difficult to launch a case against a set of claims
that change daily.

I feel better now.

> Evolution would never say, and no biologist has ever said, that man
> came from apes.

Would anyone else on the list like to comment on what biologists do
say? I would be interested to know. I have it on good authority
now that they never have said we come from apes. Of course, I have heard a few say that they
are our cousins. Did I not read posting after posting on this list
this week with discussions about how we evolved from apes? Maybe you
need to teach some of the rest of the folk about evolution because
they have a distorted idea about it too. Maybe they will learn
> Your knowledge of both science, scientists, evolution, and theories
> involving all three is in error.
Opinions. No facts.

> I have spent too much time with creationists and their hopeless
> twaddle to sit down with you and show you where you have been
> misled, but you have been. I am willing to think you can get back
> onto a real course.
Mighty big of you. Maybe you can get back on a real course, too.
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