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> On Thu, 16 Oct 1997, chardin wrote:
> > Well, guys I hate to break it to you but it is still the THEORY of
> > evolution. You're putting too much faith in a few of your
> > priests.
> Which God would you have more respect for:
> A God who waves his hand and creates everything on a whim in six
> days, or a God who is subtle and intelligent enough to construct a
> system that would constantly improve itself. Forever.
> Personally I wouldn't waste a Sunday afternoon on a hack like the
> God you want to worship.
> (BTW the Hebrew word for "day" in Genesis means, "a period of time".
> Could be 24 hours, could be 24 billion years. Think about it from
> that perspective.)
> -Prof. Tim
Professor Tim, to be honest with you, I never gave much thought to
whether or not it is 7 literal days--I'm not sure I care. Maybe I
should. I was talking about humans changing and evolving. Wade
Smith at harvard dot com says I totally misunderstand evolution--that
people never were apes or came from apes yet people are primates (so
I guess that means apes and people are just all one big happy family)
but I have heard some evolutionist claim that apes and people have a
common ancestor so it may be mere semantics but it is about the same
to me. This is the sort of Evolution I was talking about. But I do
not propose to second guess God or tell Him he could not create the
world in 7 literal days--if that is what you are asking. My God
doesn't have to prove His intelligence to me, I can see it all around