Re: virus: Nature of Information

Marie Foster (
Fri, 17 Oct 1997 14:45:23 -0700

Tadeusz Niwinski wrote:
> Sodom wrote:
> > At some level, this seems to be a "problem" almost everyone has, it's
> >easy to find contradictory beliefs in just about everyone's
> >philosophies, and generally these people accept this as OK. A good
> >example is accepting logic as accurate, but holding metaphysical beliefs
> >none-the-less. To me, this seems to be something to be eliminated, not
> >looked for. What am I missing here?
> You are not missing anything. Holding contradictory beliefs is a disorder
> to be eliminated.


As I understand it a contradictory belief is a proposition so related to
another that if either of the two is true the other is false and if
either is false the other must be true. If that is what you mean I
agree entirely.

Tad is poetical in his responses often but me thinks he is using "she"
to obliquely identify one or more of the women on the list. I might
point out to Tad (as I sometimes get the feeling from his posts that he
is a pretty confident fellow), that making such statements might be
received by others as a tad bit insulting. (No pun intended.)

One of the ways humans tend to organize things is by putting them on a
continuum. I think this can be constructive as long as one realizes
that putting the continuum on a vertical axis, and subsequently
inferring superiority/inferiority of individuals based on that continuum
might be considered presumptuous by other individuals.