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David McFadzean wrote:

> At 11:42 AM 10/17/97 +0100, Robin Faichney wrote:
> It is certainly possible I'm wrong. I'll wait to
> see your replies to my objections above.
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I see evolution as a multi-souled beast wandering in all directions.
Most of these directions are cliffs that the beast falls off of. Some
are not, and the particular beast lives long enough to reproduce. Teeth
aren't for chewing, but because some first species mutated to have them,
this benefitted it's genes, and it lived. Evolution has no "wrong"
turns, just less successful turns. I think memes on the other hand, can
have a rational motivation for spreading, after all that is what our
church is about. This is by no means saying they all have a rational
direction, most are inexorably wrapped up in a blanket of emotion and
cannot struggle free. Others think they are free, but are really just
emotion propigators. Others, hopefully like ours, co-exist peacefully
with emotion, and grow by deliberate means.

i am somewhat new to the concept of memes, but i hope what i have said
makes sense.