Re: virus: God's Invisible Hand

David McFadzean (
Fri, 17 Oct 1997 16:54:11 -0600

At 05:33 PM 10/17/97 CST+6CDT, chardin wrote:

>> I wonder if you could convince Mr. Brodie that Christians *really*
>> believe those things you say you believe. He doesn't believe me.
>I guess I don't understand. What do you mean?

I was referring to an exchange that happened this very morning:

At 09:49 AM 10/17/97 -0700, Richard Brodie wrote:
>On Thursday, October 16, 1997 10:08 AM, David McFadzean
>[] wrote:
>> >many, Christianity is more like a mood than like a scientific belief
>> >system, like having a pleasant, motivating melody playing in the
>> >of your life. You think that the kind of belief system you have is the
>> True, and for many Christianity is more like a scientific belief system.
>> (I get e-mail from them on an almost daily basis.)
>I'm not sure that's right. You are filtering their mail through your own
>glasses. You try very hard to make people play on your field rather than
>extending yourself to play on theirs.

I was suggesting that some (if not all) Christians really do take their
religious beliefs literally (like a scientific belief system). Richard
insists that I must be misinterpreting. Maybe he will believe you.

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