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Fri, 17 Oct 1997 23:51:12 -0400

Wade T.Smith wrote:
> >If Dali did not experiment, which, like Robin, I think he did
> It is a common practice of the drug user to deny any natural capacity of
> the mind to imagine truly fantastic things. It is a form of denial of
> explosive geniuses like Dali, and it attempts to belittle the truly
> momentous amount of damn hard work and technical attention Dali paid to
> each and every thought, and brushstroke, in his day.
> Again, my memory from Dali's notebooks was that he was very much
> _against_ any tampering with his completely normal hallucinagenic
> perceptions. He simply didn't need it.
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Then good for him, and a little note about my personal experiences. I
did no substance, including alcohol, until i was about 24. I did
everything in my power to fight drugs. Being a musician and a somewhat
logical person ( I think) I did a lot of research on the musicians I was
interested in - and the greats throughout time. The one thing i did not
have in common with them was my "puritanical" view of drugs. After
discovering this, I read up on what drugs were used, what doses, what
the psyiological effects were etc... After about 2 months, I settled on
two main drugs for experimentation - LSD and Marijuana (I have used
others, but these have impressed me the most) I experimented under
somewhat controlled circumstances, in a safe environment. When I took my
music out the next year, everyone I knew was amazed at what I had
created, even my parents wanted to know why I was so much better at
music all of a sudden. I soon was signed to a record contract with the
band Kappa-x (as in cap of extcacy). we put out a single on the west
coast, but the band had serious ego battles and broke up. My music is
still available on an album by an old acquaintences CD just released -
Jonathon Gilmore - For All to See. I must admit that I am disapointed
with the album though as I only wrote four of the songs. (Beware of the
next sentence)The producer and Mixer are hard core Christians, and
deliberately removed all the parts I liked - I felt violated, once
again, by the right.

Also, I studied psychoacoustics to help my music have an effect on
people. My music is most often likened to "hypnotic" as simulating the
LSD experience is a favorite tool of mine.

Over the last two years, my use has dropped to almost zero - mostly
because of the damage it does to my body, but I can now put myself in
the proper state using meditation and concentration.