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Brett Lane Robertson (
Sat, 18 Oct 1997 00:44:46 -0500

At 12:04 AM 10/18/97 -0400, you wrote:
>Ahhhh, ok then. The last paragraph made the most sense to me.
>>Brett said,
>>it may be that in threatening our own meme complex we give the impetus
>for a meme to form an emotional positive or negative
>>charge and attract a new host to balance this charge
>Thinking of a meme this way changes things. If there is no threat, does
>it imply that a meme will dedicate less energy to replication or
>expansion? I suppose that the more sedientary the thoughts, the less
>growth of the meme structure?


My proposition about spreading a meme is conjecture (even more than usual).
But, according to this theory of the replication of memes: Yes, if there is
no threat the meme dedicates less energy to replication...I'm not sure about
"expansion" (which I would assume to mean the adding of emotional padding).
Though, the terms "growth" and "development" seem to apply (as does
replication). So, it might be that energy which is not expended in
replication would be used for growth or development.

I'm using "growth" to mean the strengthening of the meme. If a meme for
<control> has as it's basic core mass-production, power, motivation, status,
class, rejection, acceptance, and idea; then, "growth" of the meme would be
stabilizing <control> by ordering information into these categories.
Development is a more tricky point*.

Replication, would be losing energy in the memetic shell <control> and
dropping into a lower level shell, <object permanence>, such that the outer
shell retains a charge and attracts a new host.

*Development, according to my notations, is by saltatation...that is when
enough energy is gained through ordering information according to a memetic
pattern, then the excess energy excites the meme which catapults it into a
higher level of organization (<control> becomes <standards>).

So, you could say that energy which is not used for growth (stabilization)
or development (organization) is used for replication (bonding).


"expansion" could be the gaining of free radicals, disordered
information--becoming excited...imbalanced...hungry--attracting food,
energy, creating a storehouse of nourishment, etc (to mix my metaphors--I
guess even memes have to eat?!?)


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