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Brett Lane Robertson (
Sat, 18 Oct 1997 01:02:56 -0500

Perhaps avoiding
contadictory beliefs is a biological adaptation to prevent dhesitation
in times of danger. Perhaps the idea is to override this adaptation - as
there is no immediate danger - and explore the mental effects that

Bill Roh

Sounds good!

I would also say that the indoctrination of a subject with conflicting
beliefs has the effect of "brainwashing" that person. It strips the
individuality--and is used in the military, for example, to destroy a
person's "will". The result is that the person becomes a good
"follower"...can take in outside information without evaluating it and act
on it instantaneously.

The flip side of this indoctrination is that a person becomes, in turn, a
good leader (perhaps) having understood the mechanisms of being a follower.
At least in military situations, there seems to be a mature level of this
phenomenon such that the person who, as a new recruit, was responsive to
outside information without personal interference becomes a model of

I can imagine the benefits of being able to take in information without
ordering it (seemingly contradictory information). Such a person would be
like a sponge as regards information. Though, for the most part, I agree
that a conscious response (without self-conflict) would seem superior to one
dictated by an outside source.

It seems that over-riding an adaption to avoid contradictory information
would be a social adaption for the sacrifice of the individual to the social


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