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Richard Brodie (
Sat, 18 Oct 1997 09:31:55 -0700

On Friday, October 17, 1997 10:21 AM, David McFadzean
[] wrote:
> At 09:49 AM 10/17/97 -0700, Richard Brodie wrote:
> >I'm not sure that's right. You are filtering their mail through your own
> >glasses. You try very hard to make people play on your field rather than
> >extending yourself to play on theirs. SO naturally, the messages you
> >seem to be hideously flawed scientific/rational messages. What if they
> >movements of a symphony?
> What could I possibly tell you so that you believe what I say?
> (My guess is nothing.)

Out, out, damned memes! Stop them from employing you to spread them to me!

> >> What makes you think I am not past OK?
> >
> >Hey, I never said that! I'm responding to what I hear as a request for
> >learning.
> You said "yet you're not happy". I thought you mean what you say
> (or maybe you didn't mean it when you said that :-).

You said Christians were deliriously happy. I took that to mean that you're
not. Perhaps you have a certain comfort zone around how happy you think you
deserve to be.

> I think there is a category of beliefs
> where what you believe will not affect the truth of the belief in any
> way, and in those cases you are better off not deluding yourself,
> even at the cost of some happiness.

But what if there is yet another point of view that gives you more
happiness but no more delusion?

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