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> On Fri, 17 Oct 1997, chardin wrote:
> > Prof. Tim wrote:
> > > If the prophecies were all wrong, and the future was not
> > > "revealed" in the bible, and there was not Christ (this is
> > > hypothetical, remember), would you still be a Christian? Why or
> > > why not?
> > I could not possibly be a Christian as you hypothesize.
> Too bad. Your reasons for believing are the same as the ones you
> say are the errors of science. You believe as a security blanket
> rather than because it is the "right" way to live your life. That
> is sad. There is no differnece between you and the scientists you
> deride. You just have differnt colored blankets to hold as you suck
> your thumb in the darkness.
> Very sad indeed.
> -Prof. Tim
Professor Tim, I'm sorry you give such generalizations. "My reasons
are like the scientists" I deride? I suck my thumb in the darkness?
No, I don't think so. As a matter of fact, I would much perfer to
believe all the hype with pop-psychology and the self-help books that
fill all the shelves (and there are millions). They all claim the
same thing--humanistic points of view--we're all getting better and
better and with a little help from some wise guru we can get better

I read a book like that by a progressive Eruopean Jew. The copyright was
1917. He said the world was getting better and better. Jews did
not have to worry so much because he was living in an enlightened
age. He, too, said that we were getting better and better. All I
could think was, how sad. Hitler is just around the corner. Hitler
wanted to stamp out all faith too. You know that was one of his big
agendas. You're in pretty good company, this church at virus.
Hitler thought Christ his worst enemy. He didn't mind a state
church, as long as they didn't preach any of that nonsense about the
blood of Christ. It infuriated Hitler...I wonder why? Why did he
pull several Chirstian preachers right from their pulpits and take
them to certain death?

No professor, I see the world as it is and as it is going to be. I
see that man is basically unchanged--he is still prone to the same
sinful state as always.

The "right" way to live my life, Professor Tim? Did someone tell you
what the "right" way is? Please share, you shouldn't keep such a
revelation to yourself. Where did this "right" come from?

The bible has an interesting quote: "There is a way that seemth
right unto a man but the ends thereof are the way of death."

That bad thing here Tim, is that it seemed so right--yet the ends are
the way of death. So professor Tim knows the "right" way. It may
just seem that way to you--the ends thereof may very well be of
death. Chardin