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Sodom (
Sat, 18 Oct 1997 15:02:06 -0400

Brett Lane Robertson wrote:
> At 10:41 AM 10/18/97 -0400, you wrote:
> >No, you are still mssing the point. Convertion from anything to anything
> >requires energy - Converting gasoline to kenetic force as in a car from
> >instance (matter to energy) is a good example. When breaking the
> >molecular bonds, only a tiny amount of this energy actually used, a few
> >% of the energy is converted to kenetic energy. the rest is lost. You
> >can never get 100% conversion. Information is still stored at the
> >quantum level. All information is. Converting it means losing come of
> >it.
> >
> >Infomation is energy and matter. It is - it requires quantum existence
> >to exist itself.
> >
> >As for:
> >> B: The argument by the anti-creationist web page (that more energy is
> >> always being added to this otherwise "closed" system) won't cut it...Where
> >> does the entropy escape to?
> >
> >I'm not sure I understand this question, or I am sure you don't
> >understand the implications of the 2nd law. Life on Earth is not a
> >closed system. I t receives energy from the sun, The Sun gets it's
> >energy from fusing Hydrogen into Helium. Beacuse of the huge amount of
> >hydrogen in the universe, and gravity, our particular clump of fusing
> >hydrogen formed with the local group of stars about 5.5 billion years
> >ago from what must then have been an older nebula, hydrogen cloud or the
> >like. We see this type of development everywhere we look into space.
> >
> >The extra entropy you speak of is lost by the Sun. Its conversion if far
> >from perfect, and it will eventually run out of "gas" when this happens,
> >this system on earth will freeze and it's slide will be much more
> >obvious.
> >
> >Also, humans are not very efficient also, most of our energy intake
> >leaves us. Through waste or heat. As you have noticed the human body
> >works very hard to stay at a functioning temperature, and humans have a
> >very narrow range of operating temperatures.
> >
> >Trust me Brett, as soon as this law sinks in, your life will become much
> >better. This tool is vital to problem solving.
> >
> >Sodom
> List,
> There are too many logical errors here for me to deal with easily. Sodom's
> mind goes from a closed system "quantum existence" to an open system "life
> on earth"--back and forth to maintain a certain belief ("Trust me Brett, as
> soon as this law sinks in, your life will become much better..."). He says
> in effect, "It takes energy to convert something (Where does the energy come
> from? The open system.), but information continues to exist (the closed
> system), though conversion leads to loss (the open system)". Let me
> restate, information changes forms but cannot cease to exist (the law of
> conservation of information).
> Brett
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The Earth is a closed system that includes the sun and solar system and
so on. There is no open system. Without the sun, the earth would never
have formed.

If information is converted, you lose energy, or information, or matter
or some of each. WE ARE MADE OF THE QUANTUM. Life without the Quantum is
non-existence. No engine can produce more energy than it consumes. Is
the law of conservation of information a real law? If so, where can I
find it. Also, I do like the idea, so then eventually all the matter and
could be gone and there would still be information. We would have an
information singularity.