Re: virus: Free thought and control

Sodom (
Sat, 18 Oct 1997 17:30:26 -0400

Marie Foster wrote:
> Sodom wrote:
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> > > Marie
>(Aside... do you think that the differences in
> perception might be caused by isolation and led to divergant strategies
> for evolutionary success?)

Marie, I never thought of differences in perception as anything other
than environment or teaching. It never occured to me that possibly it is
isolation and evolution. It makes me wonder how long the seperation
would have to last to become a feature of hardware. - a different
species - This is actually kind of frightening. Had navigation not
succeeded, what strange turns would native Americans have taken. If
China were seperate from the Asian continent, how long til the
differences are measurable.
until the 1400s or so, Western Europe was far behind the rest of the
world in almost all measurable ways. That's why they are called the
"Dark Ages". At this time, the Asian way of thought was obviously
superior in most ways, and most great discoveries came from that part of
the world.

Humm, got me thinkin, thanks.