Re: The story-telling ape (was virus: Logic)

Brett Lane Robertson (
Sat, 18 Oct 1997 16:30:45 -0500

The thing I agree with the
most about evolution is that it has NO purpose. Purpose is a human
invention again... For that purpose one needs to look inside. (Marie)


Is Marie's statement a "religious" statement implying that religion can
answer to purposes but science (via "evolution") cannot. This is the core
concept that I got from her words. Again, does it dichotomize science and
religion...and at the core of this statement, itself, isn't there that
continuing battle BETWEEN science and religion (contrary to Marie's apparent
feelings that neither can live up to their ideals perfectly). I think that
at the heart of the science vs. religion debate are ideas such as this one
that concludes that the two are striving for different ends. I disagree
with the sentiment, even if Marie says that this interpretation is not one
which she intended to imply. I still think that science and religion are
striving toward the same goal. Further, I think there is only ONE goal
though I'm hard-pressed to state what that is at the moment.

I would ask Marie, Why (if at all) does she feel that science cannot answer
toward "purpose"; and, similarly, why cannot religion answer toward "what is


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