Re: The story-telling ape (was virus: Logic)

Sodom (
Sat, 18 Oct 1997 17:50:12 -0400

Brett Lane Robertson wrote:
I still think that science and religion are
> striving toward the same goal. Further, I think there is only ONE goal
> though I'm hard-pressed to state what that is at the moment.
> I would ask Marie, Why (if at all) does she feel that science cannot answer
> toward "purpose"; and, similarly, why cannot religion answer toward "what is
> inside"?
> Brett
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My view, is this. Science strives to explain all that is not yet
explained, including religion, which is not yet fully explained.
Religion strives to control pursuade the masses for the purpose of
individual power over others. It is based on fear, and serves only to

I'm going to try even harder to stop this science - religion thing.

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