Re: virus: Logic and Purpose

Marie Foster (
Sat, 18 Oct 1997 15:13:32 -0700

Wade T.Smith wrote:
> >If you manage your goal
> >to destroy "faith" what happens to faithfulness?
> Certainly the opposite of 'faithfulness' is 'faithlessness', not 'faith'.
> David is not planning (as far as I know) to destroy any vestige of
> faithfulness to his spouse.
> Faith is another bog in the swamp.
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You are correct on the issue of opposites. I was just trying to zing in
on what it is about faith that is so distressing. Certainly the loyalty
aspect is not (or perhaps it is... I am just asking for clarification).
I could do without the blind part as well as the rest of you. Perhaps
what I was after is better precision. ... a scalpel rather than a

As an aside. I really like this list except for one thing. Why is it
that most ideas that are presented seem to be taken as challenges? Or
am I misreading things..? There are other methods of dialog than

perhaps more precisely,