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Brett Lane Robertson (
Sat, 18 Oct 1997 17:21:18 -0500

If information is converted, you lose energy, or information, or matter
or some of each. WE ARE MADE OF THE QUANTUM. Life without the Quantum is
non-existence. No engine can produce more energy than it consumes. Is
the law of conservation of information a real law? If so, where can I
find it. Also, I do like the idea, so then eventually all the matter and
could be gone and there would still be information. We would have an
information singularity.



Then say we start with a quantum of energy? It produces, it consumes...ok,
it can't produce MORE than it consumes (there is a quantum of it). So, how
does it consume more than it is?

Yes, the law of conservation of information is a "real" law...I just made it
up. You won't find references for it for another 200 years. (It's really a
theory...a translation of the theory of relativity and as such CAN'T be a
"law" which is Newtonian--unless some one makes it into a law and all lawful
scientists agree to reference it.)

See Robin's post and my response. I think we were just trying to talk about
a phenomenon from different levels. I can see how information in a
self-referential system (new idea, "self-referential", I mean a system with
laws and translations that must speak to those email--with the
dynamics it works within, text, display, transmission, reception, whatever:
Email information which is encoded is no longer subject to the laws of my
email reader and any information which is no longer in the form of text is
lost from the system) a self-referential system, information might
loose energy and become less organized so that it cannot be referenced by
that system.


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