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Brett Lane Robertson (
Sat, 18 Oct 1997 22:47:43 -0500

<Buddhism> is an excellent example of a fit meme complex. Specific
traits such as faith and evangelism, tradition, authority, community,
and variation have greatly aided in it's self replication; while state
support and actual good ideas have played a major additional role in
spreading Buddhist ideas. (Boyd)


...this is illustrated by meme #5 in the meme-chain
( if you would like a graphic
illustration.* Further it shows that "<object permanence>",(<Buddhism>), is
an excellent example of a fit meme complex with the specific traits of
"safety" (faith), and "tribe" (evangelism)..."magic" (tradition), "rules"
(authority), "government and religion" (two aspects of "community"), and
"keeping and promoting" (two aspects of variation) which aids the
individual's replication into the tribe so that the complex reproduces

The graphic example also illustrates that at the core of Buddhism is
"everything and nothing", the only permanant "object" which would guarentee
agreement between religion and government so that the individual might both
keep and promote individual safety using rules and magic as they moved from
being nomadic to tribal. Which further suggests that Buddhism survives
because it reinforces a developmental stage of society and the traits that
that stage in the history of civilization resolved to a level of instinct,
object permanence.

*the illustration is mine but you have permission to use it (it lost the
text somewhere, I'll look for it)


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