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Brett Lane Robertson (
Sun, 19 Oct 1997 13:42:06 -0500

OK. I think I'm finally beginning to see parts of the way you think.
That picture has more information in it than I could understand in an
entire year. Just #5 alone is so complicated...

I see everything there, but am unsure exactly what "object permanence"
signifies. Is it our *attempt* to find certainty in the world? Then
all the constructs around it (gov. rel. etc.) are just manifestations of
our *desire* to "leave something behind to conquer time" (paraphrase
Goethe (1749-1832)) Have I got it?

I'm not going to use it in my essay, but I think you've provided me with
an example of your thought processes, a key as it were. Am I right in
thinking most everything you say relates to one of those pictures


I call the meme-chain a "sigil" which is a metaphysical term for a picture
one can consult which continually reveals new relationships or "answers".
So, most of what I say relates back to this symbolic illustration (Like
"Psycho-History" from Asmov's "Foundation Trilogy"). But I constructed it
using the knowledge I had and by finding a relationship between that
information...seeing how it fit together; so, it IS a "key" to my thought
processes, but the things I say don't always *consciously* refer to the
chart. Still, I continually make new conscious connections and when they
"click" together they more often than not refer back to this system.

I would say that "object permanence" means EXACTLY what you say...assuming
that you do in fact "see everything there" (and I think that you do based on
what you say in this post). If it is a sigil and you look into it you
should also be able to see connections which key into your own thought

I'm not sure that the desire to "conquer time" is THE answer as the centeral
core might be called "attempt" or "desire" (and I have called it the "desire
for desire"). At my stage of development, "object permanence" is another
name for "control" (meme #11)...the central symbol stays the same but the
"constructs" change and the way we name this desire changes.

I think the central concept would be to conquer "chance" and to create
"order" (or what is the quote...everything happens on the border of chance
and order?).


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