Re: virus: Free thought and control

Marie L. Foster (
Sun, 19 Oct 1997 14:21:41 -0700

At 07:58 PM 10/18/97 -0400, you wrote:
>1> Fear circuit
>2> Sex circuit
>Everything else is caused by these. Every emotion, every bit of
>reasoning. Love is caused by the fear of not reproducing. Intrigue is
>caused by a reaction of fear of not understanding. etc... Every emotion
>we could think of could conceivably be based on these two circuits. I
>think racism is the fear of losing territory.
Interesting dualism. I have one too. Mine says that there are only two
things *out there* - the known and the unknown. (Which I might add is how
I translate a idea that Jesus of Nazareth was supposed to have said which
was "Render unto Cesar what is Cesar's and unto God what is Gods" not a
direct quote...) I think, and I may be wrong... that is why the idea still
has resonance today. It was something that could be understood by the
people who lived in his day and it can still be understood today. I do not
attribute any proof of the existance (or non existance) of GOD, but an
insight that someone had about how all this stuff we think of as life works.

I mean when you think about it the person - Jesus of Nazareth on an
evolutionary continuum was a hopeless failure in that (as far as we know)
he did not have any offspring. But you have to give the guy credit for
being the progenitor of a whopping meme.

I also believe that you have a relationship with him today. Not only does
your body contain Jesus 'stuff' as my body contains Sodom stuff (mass) but
you were born at a specific time and in a specific place where this guy who
may or may not have lived a long long time ago but the ideas attributed to
him continue to divide us (and bring us together) today. You can choose to
dismiss the affect of this meme on your life and your purpose.

Aside -> (In fact, his refusal to prove himself in the wilderness is
another way to say that (my idea again based on lots of reading and
meditation) your freedom is more important to GOD than anything else. )

If you dismiss this part of yourself then you have chosen to chop off a
good portion of what makes us us... (not you you).

See, I have gotten over the idea that *man is sinful* so he deserves to be
punished. This thinking is like one of the ways we try to control children
and keep them from doing harm to themselves and others. If our species is
evolving then we might want to examine those thoughts that continue to
propogate violence, unhappiness, etc. in our lives and figure out what to
do to correct that thinking. I have also gotten over the idea of scarcity.
Giving something in other words does not mean that I lose the thing given.

Look... the Bible is a book. And it was divinely inspired. Just as what I
am writing right now and what you have written to me is divinely inspired.
(Yes I really believe that. The reason is that I can not think of any other
reason I would give up doing the other things in my life that need doing,
work so hard at trying to sort out my thoughts, run the thing through the
spell checker so that I appear to be a better speller than I am.... ETC!
It is the part of the stuff that is unknown.)

Actually, now that I reread that I realize that there is some known stuff
as well. My enjoyment of my participation here is in the clarification of
my own ideas that is being helped along by the comments, criticisms, et al
that I am getting from you and the others here. As well as getting to know
all of you better.


Marie L. Foster