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> On Sat, 18 Oct 1997, chardin wrote:
> > The "right" way to live my life, Professor Tim? Did someone tell
> > you what the "right" way is? Please share, you shouldn't keep
> > such a revelation to yourself. Where did this "right" come from?
> >
> If your Bible isn't an instruction book for how to live a "right"
> life why do you quote from it so often?
> One of the most intelligent and well read Christians I've ever met
> once told me, "You know, even if there was no Christ and no
> salvation I'd still be a Christian because it is perhaps the best
> way to live a beautiful productive fulfilling life that I have
> found."
> I had no disagreements with /his/ faith. Your faith, on the other
> hand...

Prof. Tim, I have had that same message given to me. If there were
no Christ, I would still be happy with it. I even anticipated that
that was what you wanted me to say. Instead, I gave you my reasons
for my beliefs--you keep saying I don't have any. Perhaps, I don't
have any IN YOUR OPINION. Christianity can be as simple as the thief
on the cross saying" I believe, Master, remember me when you come
into your kingdom" and it can be as complex as interpretions given by
Paul --who based his ministry upon the prophecies of the scriptures
as well as his relationship with Christ. But you asked me to
pretend that Christ did not exist AND that the prophecies were not

> > The bible has an interesting quote: "There is a way that seemth
> > right unto a man but the ends thereof are the way of death."
> Try putting that shoe on the other foot, Cathy. You think your way
> is right don't YOU?

Why sure I do Tim. But the same God who gave me the quote also gave
me the way.
> The main problem I have with your kindergarten-style faith is that
> keep claiming that you have "faith" and that you know what is true
> and don't need to prove it.
> Then you spend 100+ lines trying to prove that to me.
> See?!?
No, afraid I don't see. I think you do not understand the meaning of
"faith." But you did not make one comment on the 100 lines, Tim. I
expected better of you. All you said was: I don't agree with you.
You suck your thumb, dah dah dah dah. Methinks you are projecting
your own fears, your own thumbsucking, your own confusion by the
whole situation. Chardin