Re: virus: Logic and Purpose

David McFadzean (
Mon, 20 Oct 1997 14:53:48 -0600

At 11:32 AM 10/18/97 -0700, Marie Foster wrote:

>I understand you are a married man from comments on the list and it
>appears you are pretty happy with your spouse. If you manage your goal
>to destroy "faith" what happens to faithfulness?
>Or again, am I totally off the mark?

Totally off the mark.

I wish to bring attention to the dangers of <belief without evidence>.
This is not the same "faith" that is used in "faithful to your spouse".
I have no problems with marital fidelity (any way you look at it :-).

I call <belief without evidence> "faith" because that is what other
people call it. Contrary to what some have said on this list, I am
not making this up.

I guess there is an underlying assumption here that there is a
positive correlation between beliefs held without evidence and
bad beliefs (given most common definitions of "bad"). If that is
not a reasonable assumption, I might have to withdraw my
condemnation of faith.

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