Re: virus: God's Invisible Hand

Sodom (
Tue, 21 Oct 1997 11:34:11 -0400

> Marie, those who state that faith = fear of the unknown are speaking
> for themselves. If you have a friend whom you love dearly and your
> friend asks you for a loan or for something else of value, your other
> friends may think you are a fool if you do it. But, based on your
> relationship with your friend, you decide to go ahead and do it. Now
> is your "faith" fear of the unknown? No, you are basing your
> decision on what is known against that which is not known. Those who
> would object to your "faith" they are the ones who fear the unknown.
> What if your friend renigs? Doesn't pay you pack? Wrecks your car?
> My "faith" is based on what is known and then I can "trust" for what
> is not known. There is no fear involved.

I would not call your example faith, I would call it compassion. I
would help a friend regardless of trust. I do not have "faith" in
anything as you are using it. In a different definition, such as loyalty
to my wife, yes.

To say there is no fear involved is delusion. Even the Bible sais you
MUST FEAR GOD. If there was no afterlife, many more people would be
afraid of dying. And your children, what happens when they are afraid of
these things, you tell them their dead friend is in "heaven" to
alleviate their fears. Religion is the embodiment of fear.