Re: virus: God's Invisible Hand

Sodom (
Tue, 21 Oct 1997 11:53:24 -0400

> Chardin wrote:
> No, afraid I don't see. I think you do not understand the meaning of
> "faith." But you did not make one comment on the 100 lines, Tim. I
> expected better of you. All you said was: I don't agree with you.
> You suck your thumb, dah dah dah dah. Methinks you are projecting
> your own fears, your own thumbsucking, your own confusion by the
> whole situation. Chardin
> >

Sucking of the thumb is done by babies to comfort them, even though it
has no real bearing on outside reality. Faith in something is analagous
to thumb sucking. To say that someone is projecting the fear on you in
this case is just "I know you are, but what am I?" stuff. Your reason is
his confusion, Tim is not confused, or like me, he wants to be confused
and put the peices together as they rationally fall. That is the only
intellectual reward I want. To slowly but surely put accurate blocks
together to build (as close as is possible) an accurate picture of the
universe. I'd say right now I have about .000001% of it figured out. Not