Re: virus: God's Invisible Hand

Sodom (
Tue, 21 Oct 1997 12:03:23 -0400

chardin wrote: Before you tell me that my belief in Christ is "faith"
not "reason"

> you might check into the reasons--his existence, the credibility of
> eye witness reports, the credibility of the scriptures in fulfillment
> of prophecy--the actual relationship that a person is able to have
> with God. Once you looked seriously as these things instead of vain
> imaginings--i.e., Jesus didn't exist, he was a myth a legend--as long
> as you can dismiss Him without evidence you don't ever have to look
> hard at the question: And who do you say I am? After you look at
> the evidence, then make up your mind that is a different thing.
> Chardin

I said I thought he did exist; However, i do not think the reports of
eyewitnesses are credible. Of course no Christian, or Eurpoean
questioned the existence of Christ before 1800. You could be torched for
such sentiment. What do you think happend to the European pagans from
the time Christ was born, until now? When you have to threaten people
with death so they won't question you, there is a problem with
credibility. Christians sailors had no trouble thinking St. Elmo's fire
was a good omen, of course until they discovered that all it really
meant was that they were about to get hit by lightning!
No I do not trust sources when they come from people who are known to
manufacture reality to fit what they can't understand. And use torture
and death threats to keep their "believers" in line.