Re: virus: Hitler

Sodom (
Tue, 21 Oct 1997 12:16:25 -0400

chardin wrote:

> Eric, I think Satan himself could have made those quotations without
> any problem. I have read, however, about Bonhoffer and men such as
> him who were hanged for their convictions in Christ. Have you ever
> read "God is my Furher?" by Numuller (sp?) Read his sermons as he
> was preaching them even as Hitler was at his height. He was dragged
> from the pulpit off to a prison camp never to be
> heard from again. Also, Hitler was, it is my understanding very much
> a necromancer and consorted with demons constantly. One may be
> "spiritual" but as Christ says--test the spirits, they are not all of
> God. Why do you think that Hitler hated the Jew so much? You can
> say they were rich, they were strange, etc. etc., but the Bible tells
> us that Satan hates the Jew and will persecute him every chance he
> gets. Hitler, I believe, was a foreshadowing of the Anti-Christ to
> come. If you think Hitler hated the Jew, wait to you see him in
> action--and some of you may very well see it.

As I said before, all groups deny that any of their people are bad.
All the bad ones worship demons, praise Satan, are Catholic etc... This
is the same stuff all over again.
By the way, why was Satan cast out?