Re: virus: God's Invisible Hand

Marie Foster (
Tue, 21 Oct 1997 09:34:54 -0700

Sodom wrote:
> > Marie, those who state that faith = fear of the unknown are speaking
> > for themselves.


> To say there is no fear involved is delusion. Even the Bible sais you
> MUST FEAR GOD. If there was no afterlife, many more people would be
> afraid of dying. And your children, what happens when they are afraid of
> these things, you tell them their dead friend is in "heaven" to
> alleviate their fears. Religion is the embodiment of fear.
> Sodom

My core belief that reason is the driver of our species is supported by
all the recommended books, articles, etc.. I find it here in every post
that I read. I do not agree entirely with your last sentence, but I do
understand your reasoning. We have just taken another step.