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>Brett Lane Robertson wrote:
>> "Science" is a dead horse! Has anyone woke up to realize we have
>> passed the
>> age of science...the age of technology...the age of mechanics...the
>> age of
>> art...the age of philosophy...the age of industry...are now in the age
>> of
>> "spirituality" and moving toward the age of recreation (in that order,
>> I
>> think)? All of these "ways of knowing" (technology, deconstruction,
>> art,
>> imagination, control, standards, and creativity) surpass science and
>> can
>> take over--has taken over--the maintanence of life expectancy without
>> the
>> inherent failures of science (to provide for community and property
>> needs).
>> Science is to a 4 year old what ethics are to an adult...just another
>> way to
>> decide what is "right" and what is "wrong".
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> NOT - Maybe in Brett's universe, this is the way it is. the
>spirituality of today is a joke. It's pop culture, like Chardin would
>say. Ethica - HAH. what are ya, playin games here?


Sodom missed most of the post.

*Maybe* most spirituality as it is *practiced* today (by the masses, I might
add again) is less productive than most logic as it is practiced today (even
if the later is averaged across all age groups and socio-economic classes
like "spirituality" in his usage--I assume--according to the people one
might meet in a church on sunday as compared to your average 9th grade
drop-out); but, (a) spirituality is not taught in a school 6 hours a day 5
days per week for 12+ years and (b) developmentally, spirituality is a more
difficult concept to grasp than addition.

I also implied that "The Era of Spirituality" is a more recent development
than the "Age of Industrialization"; and if you look at industrialization in
its youth you might note that it also had it's problems. But, the signs are
all around that, today, there is a new method of reasoning (which has been
mislabled "faith" and compared to religious fanaticism). I think that it is
a developmental stage. Like a child matures to the point that he understands
"conservation of measure"--that is, that the amount of liquid in a tall thin
glass doesn't increase when it's poured into a short fat glass like it might
appear to--humanity is maturing to the point where they can understand a
more relativistic reality. My own maturation through the stage of concrete
logic to one of abstract thinking supports this observation; as does the
historical development of society in the societal stages I pointed out in my
original post.

I think Sodom WILL mature so that he can function without the statistical
"proof" that science affords one in earlier developmental stages (If science's kind'a like his mommy and daddy say so, so it must be right).


PS...Sodom, DO you have a comment on the other ways I illustrated that
quality of life might be maintained, or are you going to keep boo-hoo-ing
about the social injustices blamed on christianity?

Rabble Sonnet Retort
No man is an island, but some of us are long peninsulas.